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    SLC, UT

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    New Member, from SLC, UT

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    Feb 15, 2016
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      SLC, UT
      United States
      I am absolutely in love with cars. I loved them ever since I was little. Growing up my favorite types of movies/video games were those involving car racing. So naturally, I got a decently fast car of my own when I could afford it and began modifying it. This helped me learn a lot about Engines, drivetrain components, suspension components, chassis rigidity and so forth. Currently, my "Racecar" is sitting in my garage waiting to be put back together and started again. Aside from cars, I also like video games, snowboarding, going to the gym, and surprisingly... Math. I love its consistency.
      Hey Guys!

      So you know those semi-annoying children that ask a lot of questions that you feel like they should already know the answer to? Well, that's me. At least for now. I am very new to the Engineering field, and just began studying Mechanical Engineering at Salt Lake Community College. After obtaining the Pre-Engineering degree from there, I am going to transfer up to the University of Utah to obtain the Bachelors Degree from there. I am very excited to learn more about the Engineering field, and like I said before I am relatively inexperienced with the whole thing. So, I appreciate your patience as I go through my studies and ask questions that may arise along the way.

      Cars, video games, snowboarding, working out

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