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    Feb 20, 2013
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    Brampton ON Canada
    Tool & Die Maker doing Mechanical Design Engineer

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    New Member, from Brampton ON Canada

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    Jul 11, 2014
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      Brampton ON Canada
      Tool & Die Maker doing Mechanical Design Engineer
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      I custom design and build new computers. I research all new up and coming technologies to keep abreast of what is in the possible future. I make my own assessments on what shows promise and what is or is not cost effective. That way I can stay ahead of the curve and design with that in mind. I know what is coming in the future and with that in mind I will decide where to spend money and where to hold back. I am very interested in learning Circuitry design. I have a fairly good understanding of circuit components but I would enjoy learning how to create my own circuit designs.
      Received recommendation from Governing Body of Certificate of Qualifications due to achieving the highest score ever recorded on the C of Q exam for Tool & Die. Achieved Mechanical Design Engineering Consultant status through years of excellence and experience in my field. My expertise lies in the automotive industry where I have achieved many extra qualifications outside of my job title. I know how to solve almost any problem and find and implement solutions to them. I was highly regarded in the Engineering department. Most designs were run by me during final approval to look for weaknesses in design. All new tooling designs required my signature of approval on the design before it could begin the build stage. I streamlined the entire design program by providing complete redundancy in resource allocation by creating and implementing new Die Design standards. I created new up to date 3D drawings for every stamping press in our facility. This allowed me to find specifications that were common between all presses. From this information I extrapolated the new design properties to allow full redundancy between presses. They have been fully implemented into the new Design Standards. I was a key player in the design of a new fully automated transfer system connecting three in-line presses. I created the parameters needed to design it and was also involved in the actual design approval of the transfer rail system. I did all the necessary calculations for the transfer units connecting the presses. I was also key to it's design to assure compatibility to the entire system as a whole. I was involved in complete electrical panel installations to replace the old system with new interfaces implementing the new technologies throughout the entire design ensuring the intercommunication between all hardware. I designed all safety enclosures with double redundancy to ensure that no intrusion was possible while in operation.

      Computers, Custom Designing and building. Electronic circuitry design.


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