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    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by Justcurioustwo, May 11, 2021.

    1. Justcurioustwo

      Justcurioustwo Well-Known Member

      Nov 2019
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      That is the reason I came here in the first place.

      You are correct, I do not have the knowledge to evaluate this in physical terms.

      That is why I came here in the first place.

      OK, I made a big choice, this is not the place for a real engineering discussion.

      Sorry I wasted your time & mine
    3. Dana

      Dana Well-Known Member

      Sep 2010
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      It doesn't deserve any more than a "quickie", since it takes no analysis for it to be obvious to anybody with an understanding of basic physics that it won't work.

      No, you were replying to sakshi verma, the spambot.

      This is a good place for real engineering discussion, but only when the participants have the knowledge to engage in a real engineering discussion and to accept the answers, even if they don't like the answers.

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