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    Discussion in 'Industrial design' started by Pete, Sep 17, 2010.

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      Dear Designers,

      Few are important common design aspects of seating system applicable in any seating. I believe those all are missing in economy seat design.

      1) Minimum Backrest Angle as per ergonomics standards. (If backrest is straight, it must be given contour in cushion with anti-submarine effect; Here even cushion contour leads easy slip of occupant due to own weight)
      2) Minimum Leg Room for occupant.(Legs touches to front seat is not at all feasible)
      3) Minimum access volume for occupant. (Should have less interference with body during entry and exit)
      4) Knee height in seating position. (Must be matching with thigh support surface)
      5) Thigh support for minimum fatigue. (Leg angle as per ergonomic aspects)
      6) Lumber support.
      7) Knee clearance. (Zero clearance at Knee is against safety, I believe)
      8) Meat to Metal distance at various point / regions of seating system.

      Economic does not mean uncomfortable. You all designers will be agreed that even canteen seating tables with round top and without handles are more comfortable for 3 hours seating. This is because of higher access volume to occupants. More or less this seat is designed to withstand occupant load with structure within less space.

      It is OK, if designed for kids.

      We must think on 6 seats in circular orientation with common leg rest with separation / partition and common dining top. That is even more comfortable within same space.

      Regards to all Seating System designers.

      Harshad Patel

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