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    Discussion in 'Mechanical design JOBS' started by SachaFernando, Oct 12, 2011.

    1. SachaFernando

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      Oct 2011
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      Hello Everyone

      I am new to this forum and wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

      I am a specialist recruiter who focusses on contract positions within some of the most stable and well respected companies within Aerospace and Defence Engineering such as Lockheed Martin, MBDA, General Dynamics and many other sub-contractors and specialist companies.

      I am keen to network with all Mechanical Design Engineers, especially with SC clearence. I look for Designer Engineers working on nano-components to large scale heavy machinery, surfacing, pressure vessels, hardware etc.

      Please feel free to connect with me on Linkedin http://uk.linkedin.com/in/sachamodis with the intent of communicating in the future.

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