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  • angle stiffening by gusset set up on a press break

    Discussion in 'Sheet metal' started by martialgeudin, Oct 6, 2015.

    1. martialgeudin

      martialgeudin New Member

      Mar 2011
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      is there some one that has a movie of the set up and forming of a bend with an angle stifferner based on a gusset. See image. I know this is possible, but I have a supplier that looks for a movie where he could see how to proceed.
      I need this for aluminium sheetmetal parts with stress resistance.

      Other question is the maximum thickness of the sheetmetal and the opening of the V-tools in this proportion.
      I would like to bend aluminium of 4 mm and steel of 4 mm with a gusset reinforcement in the bending angle.

      If some one has more information about this always welcome.
      Thanks in advance.
    3. Russtm8r

      Russtm8r New Member

      May 2016
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      Have you received any information on your request about forming gussets? I have some experience with tooling and could create a set of models for you to review with your supplier.

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