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  • angled staples

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by oemodm, Jun 15, 2014.

    1. oemodm

      oemodm Active Member

      May 2014
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      Hi everyone,

      It's my second post on this awesome site & very much looking forward to learning as much as from the first post. This time round is a little less on the mechanical movement, and more on mechanical fixings side. From the image below:

      1 = Plastic sheet part, 0.5mm thickness, fold line in middle, allowing it to be bent into a slight V shape along its length.

      2 = Three wire forms will be used to keep it in shape. Will use the "A" version instead of the 2 "B" versions.

      3 = Currently, the 0.5 plastic will be stamped out with holes, for the metal forms to be pushed into. Some minor alterations needed so they wont plop out easily.


      Question is this.

      Does anyone know a simple method, or, existing method for a stapling this kind of V formed metal. I'm imaging laying the 0.5 plastic sheet into a jig, and then folding down over it, some kind of jig which staples 3 V formed staples into this. I don't know if it exists.......

      thanks / simon

      OUTOFTHEBOX New Member

      Sep 2014
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      wire retaining method

      I think anyone would need much more info eg. end use, budget, mfg volumes etc...to help.
      But just off the cuff; could you stamp slots in the sides (two for each wire end) and slide the wire through the slots? then lock bent ends of the wire it into a hole adjacent the slots?

      If you do not want to stamp slots into the surface, depending on the type of plastic you could also weld some retainer loops onto the bottom and slide the wire through them..... maybe two loops for each wire end.

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