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    Discussion in 'Industrial design' started by HKiwi, Dec 8, 2011.

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      Oct 2011
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      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I am Hala Zohbi, a Master of Industrial Design student in the School of Industrial Design and Engineering at Carleton University. My thesis supervisor is Lorenzo Imbesi, and my research is about the tools (such as software- or web-based programs) used to develop environmentally friendly electronic products, specifically to meet eco-label criteria, such as the Energy Star, EU flower, RoHS, etc. The electronic products I am focusing on are personal computers such as laptops or desktop computers. The goal of my thesis is to define the requirements of a tool to be used by designers, engineers, and manufacturers in order to facilitate the process of meeting eco-label criteria for their PCs. Once the requirements have been defined, I hope to verify those requirements to understand their value to the professionals who use these tools.

      I am hoping to have designers, engineers, and manufacturers that have some experience with developing electronic products, preferably PCs that meet eco-label criteria respond to my anonymous survey. None of the responses would be traceable back to the respondents.

      Here is the link to my anonymous survey:

      If you would prefer to discuss more details and be interviewed instead about this topic then you may send me an e-mail. My contact information is below:

      Hala Zohbi
      MDes Industrial Design
      Faculty of Industrial Design and Engineering
      Carleton University
      Ottawa, Ontario
      E-mail: [email protected]

      Your responses to my survey would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. ​

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