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  • AutoCAD LT problem

    Discussion in '2D and 3D CAD general discussion forum' started by briton, Jun 2, 2011.

    1. briton

      briton Guest

      What are the major differences between AutoCAD Release 12 for Windows and AutoCAD LT for Windows?

    3. abeenash

      abeenash New Member

      Apr 2011
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      i used auto cad LT
      only thing is the 3D option is not available in auto cadlt
      i dont know about autocad release 12
      but the real thing only the way of use is much easier in latest version(like ms office)
    4. SCIYER

      SCIYER Well-Known Member

      Sep 2011
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      AutoCAD LT is AutoCAD minus the following.
      Licence is locked to the computer. Cannot be deployed on the LAN.
      X-referencing is not available
      User profile is only for that computer.
      Company standards will have to be customized on each an every computer.
      3D commands are not available. This really does not make a difference since, a serious 3D user would go for a specific 3D software.

      Plus side: The cost is 1/5th.
      You may have a look at Solidedge 2D, which is free, with 2D parametric and constraint based geometry building and can read and write DWG and DXF files.
    5. MikeHynes

      MikeHynes New Member

      Aug 2011
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      I believe AutoLISP is unavailable in AutoCAD LT as well.
    6. nich

      nich Active Member

      Apr 2013
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      Dear SCIYER

      Thanks for the post

    7. andrew_neil

      andrew_neil Active Member

      Jul 2013
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      AutoCAD LT is the much more economical version of Autocad and has all those basic versions like like tool palettes, external referencing and many more.But when you come to autocad you have 3d features which is really not there in AutoCAD LT.
    8. nishagg

      nishagg Member

      Nov 2017
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      What AutoCAD Gives You that AutoCAD LT Does Not
      AutoCAD has all of the above and more. 3D solids modeling and rendering are immediate differences, including wireframe views, shadows, and reflections.

      • Built-in programming capabilities, like AutoLISP for creating your own programs to automatically generate drawings
      • Network licensing for using and managing AutoCAD on multiple machines over a network
      • CAD standards management tools to let you check that AutoCAD drawings you make or that you receive from others conform to your in-house drafting standards.
      How Much Size Matters
      The points above might suggest that bigger outfits should use full-function AutoCAD software, while smaller contractors would be happier with the AutoCAD LT version. After all:

      • Bigger construction companies have more people to learn how to use the additional features, more opportunities to leverage the labor-saving tools built into full AutoCAD, and deeper pockets to pay for all, or so the logic goes.
      • Smaller companies, on the other hand, can forego some of the technical wizardries and rely on tried and trusted manual methods to fill in the gaps (like manually sketching 3D diagrams), and solid business relationships, rather than snazzy virtual reality.

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