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  • Best joining technique for a humidifier tank

    Discussion in 'Joining & fabrication' started by Njacob, Apr 23, 2020.

    1. Njacob

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      Apr 2020
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      Hi there, I have a design project that is very similar to a humidifier tank as in this example. In this example, the clear blue tank is bonded to a white base so it is removed and a fill cap underneath can be used to fill the tank with water. Specifically, what is the best way, or what is the most typical way to bond the clear blue shell to the bottom white base to form a watertight durable seal. I am assuming some type of glue/adhesive, or an alternately more complex approach could be a ultrasonic weld. Curious if anyone has experience with this type of product intended to hold water and can offer advice on bonding technique and possibly an adhesive recommendation. Thanks!!

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    3. s.weinberg

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      Nov 2012
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      For the actual product shown, I don't think there is typically a bond there. They just sit together, and are easily separated to empty and clean.

      To answer your question, though, it depends on the specifics of your application. Waterproofing, in general, tends to suck, but there are hundreds or thousands of different products, and picking the right one helps it suck less.

      First of all, how often, if ever, do you want this to disassemble? If often, a gasket with fasteners might be in order. What are your environmental conditions? How thick a bond line do you have access to on the mating faces? What equipment do you have? What strength does the bond need to be? What chemicals might it encounter? Do you know how viscous you'd like the adhesive to be, if you're using one (tends to mostly matter based on how you apply it). Do you care how long it takes to cure?

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