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    Discussion in 'The business forum' started by Witsel007, Aug 20, 2014.

    1. Witsel007

      Witsel007 Guest

      How I can analysis my business competitors?? How they are finding competitor's visitor source??
    3. Jcb

      Jcb Member

      Jul 2014
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      Your question is difficult to understand. What is your native language? Maybe you can repeat your question in your native language?
    4. srdfmc

      srdfmc Well-Known Member

      Jun 2011
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      While I was working as an employee in a SME of the automotive industry (aftermarket - manager level) and still being "fresh" in the market, I used to tour my competitor that still didn't know me and have informal talks around their products.

      It's a friendly manner to get an imprint of your market quickly and see what are the point of focus of your competitors.

      But Keep it simple. A scam, a complicated covert story or an undue request for quotation could backfire on you. Even legally.
    5. Witsel007

      Witsel007 Guest


      Thanks for your reply, How can I understand that, from where competitor getting visitors and where they placed there ads.

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