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  • Creating Holes in solid works

    Discussion in 'SolidWorks' started by mohamed.elsabagh, Feb 26, 2012.

    1. mohamed.elsabagh

      mohamed.elsabagh Member

      Dec 2011
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      I use a hole wizard in solidworks to create holes in metal sheet and plastic part, and then use matching bolt from the toolbox, the problem is I can't imagine in the real life how the bolt will be fixed without any nut, because I don't want to use nut due to the nature of the design. I am using DIN-EN 7046-1 ISO kind of holes, should I create spiral hole with spiral bolt or stick with the ready made holes??. It may seems a beginner question but it's my first time to do a mechanical design any help please.
    3. maheshnmahi

      maheshnmahi Member

      Jan 2012
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      Its been a long time using soldworks for me, but I belelive it has two options cosmetic thread (which can be switch on/off in view annotation) and other which uses spiralling (which consumes lot of RAM) if you this kind of doubts you can always put in a drawing sheet to verify.
      Hope this answers your question.

      Have a nice day :)

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