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    Discussion in 'Manufacturers of mechanical parts' started by geramyl, Jul 20, 2022.

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      Jul 2022
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      Hi my name is Geramy Loveless,

      We are a company that provides custom CNC Machining and Industrial Engineering Services.
      Our company comprises Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial, Software and Mechatronic Engineers.
      Our company Ansuz Industrial, Inc, is located in USA and Mexico and provides engineering services at a low cost. We provide fabrication engineering plans ready to be used in the manufacturing process and web-ready renderings. We have machinists, and certified welders prepared to take on any project.

      We follow a very simple step system.

      1. Plan & Create an initial design
      2. Analyze BOM & Fabrication Costs
      3. Go to the fabrication team with the plans and analyze them to reduce fabrication problems and costs.
      4. Finish the design with BOM and Fabrication Analysis.
      5. Provide full design, renders, and fabrication plans to customers with BOM and Fabrication estimations.

      We have spent over four years designing and specializing in Filling Machines, Filling Lines, and Industrial Cannabis Production Machines; our team is now slowly moving into other areas of the industry. Contact us directly to know more as our customer list is constantly growing.

      You can contact me at:
      Phone: +1-559-999-1557

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