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    Discussion in 'General jobs discussion' started by michael79, Feb 15, 2012.

    1. michael79

      michael79 New Member

      Feb 2012
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      Ηello everyone,

      I am a 33 yr old mechanical engineer with 6 years of experience. I’ve studied in the UK (Bsc and Msc awarded) and so far I’ve been working as a building services design engineer.

      A friend of mine who has a solid experience in solidworks is willing to show me the software and I am determined to work hard in order to gain as much knowledge as I can.

      Which is the average time that someone needs in order to be capable of using it in a satisfactory level?He told me about three months, but i consider that as a limited period of time.

      After that do you thing that I will manage to put my self on the market and gain a job in the field, without having any working experience but just a portfolio of created projects?

      Furthermore, which software do you consider as a stronger asset? Solidworks or Catia5?

      Thanks for your time and for your answers. They are very crucial for me at that point of my life!


    3. kevin136

      kevin136 Well-Known Member

      Oct 2011
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      Hi Michael,
      As a building service design engineer,what kinds of tools(software) did you use? I know little about that post.
      In China,Pro-E and Solidworks are very popular,UG in mold design.From my point of view,Solildworks would be used more widely.'case very easy to handle,lower price for company.However,Catia is more powerful,but maybe only use in big comany in the car,plane field.
      Anyway,I think experience is the more important thing as for a mechanical engineer. Good luck!


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