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    Discussion in 'Help, info & forum announcements' started by Ifigeneia, Mar 15, 2018.

    1. Ifigeneia

      Ifigeneia New Member

      Mar 2018
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      Hello everyone! My name is ifigeneia and I greet you all from Greece. I am curently going through the third year of my studies as a mechanical engineer. The thing is I live in Greece the worst possible period because unemployment has exploded at very high rates , highest than ever before and it doesn't seem like getting better soon. So I seriously think of leaving Greece and looking for a job abroad after I graduate. My question to all of you who may have you may have little or much experience is :
      What is in your opinion the sector most blooming and with the most professional absorption?
      Are there any specific qualifications that I need to know in order to help me find a job later? For example any programming languages or knowldge of 3D drawing programs.
      Plese feel free to share your knowledge and opinions with me, everything is useful.
    3. Bill Toulas

      Bill Toulas Well-Known Member EngineeringClicks Expert

      Sep 2017
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      Hey Ifigeneia,

      Seeking an engineering career outside Greece shouldn't be driven only by the economic stagnation of your country, but by your ambition as well. Remember that, and you'll succeed in your endeavors. :)

      Now to your question, since you are currently studying mechanical engineering, I would say advanced mechatronics would be the most promising field for you right now. This includes precision systems engineering where many principles like electrical, communication, electronics, and more blend together. Another sector that has had a rise in demand recently is automobile engineers, which is also relevant to your field. Finally, if you want to stay in Greece after all, and considering the lack of real career opportunities there, I would say your best bet would be positions in National/Government organizations or the army. I hear there's a lot of infrastructure work taking place there, so you can always start from there.
    4. MSHOfficial

      MSHOfficial Well-Known Member EngineeringClicks Expert

      Nov 2018
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      Hello Ifigeneia,

      Greetings from Poland!
      Well let me talk about the job situation in Turkey, that is where I did my bachelors and hence visited many companies for work, for my internships or part time jobs, etc.

      Any country you go to knowing the language is really important. English is always the required skill. But for example, in Turkey, the operating system and usually the documentation are in Turkish 80% of the time. In Poland, its in polish and English usually. However, in Germany it’s always in German, I have barely seen anything used in English. Therefore, any country/company you choose, make sure the language is English or at least is easy to learn.

      Moving on with required computer skills, in my experience I remember Nx and Solidworks usually being used for designing or 3D modelling. For CFD I have seen companies usually use FLUENT. And for Finite Element Method usually Ansys and/or Nastran/patran. For code development and research usually (98% of the time) companies use MATLAB.

      Microsoft office (word, excel and PowerPoint) always important skill that all companies need.

      All the best.

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