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  • Dyson recruitment event in Birmingham on Friday 18th October!

    Discussion in 'UK jobs' started by Kamile, Oct 11, 2013.

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      From ideas to reality, every day.

      From the initial idea right through to production, engineering is at the heart of Dyson. Constantly investing in future development, we're continuing to grow and continuing to invent.

      At our cutting-edge Research, Design and Development Centre we bring market-leading machines to life. It's where we have ideas, we improve, and we explore new technologies. And it's where we need more engineers – from varied disciplines – to join the team and make their own contribution to our culture of invention.

      We want to tell you what we have to offer – to give you an insight into the work we're doing and the development environment we provide.

      If you want to find out what happens next – and if you want the freedom to invent, to pursue your ideas and to push new technological boundaries, then come along and find out what makes us tick.

      Friday 18th October 10am - 6pm
      Saturday 19th October 10am - 3pm
      Think Tank, Millennium Point, Birmingham

      Inventors register here: http://service.joberate.com/redirect/url/70bf-89-d3-10-70c73e


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