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  • Epicyclic counter-rotating drive system

    Discussion in 'Your mechanical design work' started by Steven Vertrees, Apr 25, 2015.

    1. Steven Vertrees

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      Apr 2015
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      Hello, I'm in need of some basic help in design of an epicyclic drive. The main question concerns the "effective torque"/ H.P rating of the Input Sun Gear. The drive has no fixed/held shaft. The torque resistance on the two counter-rotating output shafts is variable through the RPM range and can float between the two output shafts. There are three planets on the carrier driven by the Input Sun Gear and the planets drive an Output Sun Gear and the planet carrier connects to and drives the second output shaft. There is no Anulus/Ring gear in this drive.
      Does the Input Sun Gear see a reduction of torque by since it is driving three Planet Gears or is it the same as a fixed shaft system where the input gear has all the input H.P./Torque?
      I hope I have described this sufficiently for an answer.


      Steven Vertrees

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