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    Discussion in 'The Leisure Lounge' started by Multipleman68, Apr 18, 2017.

    1. Multipleman68

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      Jan 2017
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      Are fuel air separation systems like Fass Fuel worth buying? What does it do for diesel engines? I am planning to get one for my truck.
    3. MSHOfficial

      MSHOfficial Well-Known Member EngineeringClicks Expert

      Nov 2018
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      It takes out impurities from the fuel and helps it burn better. Therefore, you can use a less purified version of fuel (that is usually cheaper from less known petrol stations) and your engine wouldn’t be harmed.

      This kind of system would also allow your engine to function better interms of fuel consumption. It will give you higher power output with the same fuel costs. That’s obvious because now you are burning only fuel.

      This kind of system also helps with the durability of parts. That is because the impure fuel, when it burns in the combustion chamber, might get the fuel to improperly mix with the air (sometimes might not mix at all) and would burn at the surface of the piston head, greatly damaging the engine.


      If you are buying a new engine, this system is quite good in prolonging your trucks life. But if your engine has been used for a while, the pistons might already be damaged and it would not prolong the life of your engine.

      However, it does still help the combustion by making sure only fuel is burnt, it assures complete combustion of fuel.

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