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    Discussion in 'Jobs wanted' started by vietnam manpower, Jul 28, 2015.

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      Jul 2015
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      Along with construction management manpower, general construction worker is also vital in our total in particular and in construction in general. These workers have many years of experiences, inquisitive spirit and high- tolerance. They are trained well from large in Vietnam. All of vocational training programs are variable and expended each year by VMST. We are totally proud of the quality of that we provide. Some main type of general workers from VMST:

      • Building workers: concreting worker, scaffolding worker, tiller, mason, plasterer, bricklayer, building electrician, asphalt plant operators
      • Welder: TIG, MIG Welder, 2G, 3G,4G, 6G Welder
      • Steel Worker: Steel Fixer, Steel Erector, Steel Metal Workers, Iron worker
      • Carpenter: Building carpenter, furniture carpenter, shuttering carpenter
      • Painter
      • Fitter: pipe conduit, mechanical

      If you are in need of Vietnamese workers, please contact us
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