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    Discussion in '2D and 3D CAD general discussion forum' started by Dasist, Sep 26, 2018.

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      Jun 2017
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      For last couple of years I've used Artec Space Spider with Geomagic Design X plus Control X for measurements (I do reverse engenering).
      Couple of days ago I recieved a e-mail from Artec that they offer Geomagic Wrap, It is describes as software that makes the process of making CAD models from point cloud more automaticly. Right now I make model pretty manually using the scan as a base. I've watched some tutorials with Wrap, I didn't understood anything. The price is pretty high, and I'm afraid that it can make just mesh which is not what I need, and which can be done by Artec Studio. Does anybody have any experience with Wrap and can explain me what can one get from it.

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