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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by Cammers, Jan 7, 2014.

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      Jan 2014
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      My name is Cameron and I am from South Africa. Having recently read 'Smarter than you think' by Clive Owen and 'Makers' by Chris Anderson, I've realized I need to engage in a community and would greatly appreciate the advice on many different aspects of my career.

      For my day job, I am a design engineer operating in the transport industry and am responsible for bulk feed trailers and roll back recovery load bodies. The other parts of the business I am involved in are: additional crew cab seat fitments, bullbars, bumpers, fluid carrying tanks and towhitch fitment.

      For the ideas whizzing around in my head, I am keenly interested in furniture. There is a hole in the market in South Africa because IKEA's high franchising cost means the market size won't result in profits. Flat pack furniture using modern manufacturing techniques via an easy to use website for ordering is what I would like to start pursuing after hours.

      This is me and where my head is at at the moment,
      This is also my first proper foray into engaging a community.

      Thanks for reading,

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