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  • How to calculate the load generated during drop test

    Discussion in 'Calculations' started by Nagaraju, Sep 29, 2016.

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      Sep 2016
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      I am Nagaraju,working as mechanical design engineer. In one of my project i need to find the load induced on the component while dropping the object from 1 m height on the rigid ground floor.
      Component details are here:
      Material : Sheet Metal
      Length: 300 mm
      Width : 175 mm
      Height : 10 mm
      Drop Height: 1 m
      Can anyone help me to find out the max load acting on the component (after impact) and also how can i find the material thickness required to withstand that load.
      Please let me know if any additional information required.
      But i found the Max load value through the formula:a^2 = (kv1^2)/(2m)
      where k = stiffness of the material
      v = velocity after impact
      m = mass of the object.
      a = acceleration after impact.
      so Force induced can be F = mxgxa N.

      Note: I found the stiffness of the materiel through simulation. (Apply 100N force and obtain the deflection value 0.1578 mm so K can be load / deflection).
      Pls also check whether this approach is correct.

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