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    Discussion in 'USA jobs' started by Dave Curran, Oct 4, 2017.

    1. Dave Curran

      Dave Curran New Member

      Oct 2017
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      Our client is seeking an experienced HVAC/R Design Engineer south of Boston, MA.

      The ideal candidate will experience with refrigeration engineering, HVAC and project management skills.

      You should have at least 5 years of experience that includes DX refrigeration, fans, digital controls, CW/HW piping, valves, coils, heat exchangers, pumps, chillers, duct work, filters, sensors, project management skills and AutoCAD experience in the constructiontrades.

      PE license helpful but not required. Requires expert knowledge in the construction industry pertaining to clean room and environmental rook construction projects.

      Must have good mathematical aptitude, excellent written and verbal communication skills.

      Be able to read analyze and interpret technical drawings. If you want to be challenged as an HVAC/R Design Engineer, call Dave at 781-530-1107.
    3. bruiz

      bruiz New Member

      Jan 2020
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      Hey Dave, I see this was posted forever ago, but I have worked in the semiconductor industry. I have a physics BS degree from University of Albany and went to Wentworth for a few semesters, which you should know well being from Boston I assume. I have experience using AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, and Autodesk Inventor as well as HVAC experience as a Sales Engineer for Northeast HVAC Solutions that is a manufacturer rep for Titus VAVs & GRDs, Armstrong Pumps, Pennbarry Fans, Ruskin Dampers & Louvers, and others in Upstate NY. I have looked at plenty of blueprints and technical drawings over my career. The only thing I would say is I don't quite have 5 years of experience and not a ton of experience dealing with refrigeration. Please contact me at 5183966919 if you have any openings still or know of someone who is looking for an entry level HVAC engineer. I love Boston, and would love working together. Talk to you soon.

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