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  • hydraulic turning house for forestry crane?

    Discussion in 'Manufacturers of mechanical parts' started by johnjoe, May 27, 2014.

    1. johnjoe

      johnjoe New Member

      May 2014
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      hi guys! can anyone help need some one that can supply this ! its to turn a 360 deg rotation! need it made locally in uk for a new range of cranes we are intending to make , will be lifting max 550kg, will have a max reach of 3.5 mtrs . really need this sorted thanks.
    3. Lochnagar

      Lochnagar Well-Known Member

      Feb 2011
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      Hi John,

      The way that most cranes of the type you are describing are rotated is with a rack and pinion - which is moved via a hydraulic cylinder. However, companies like Palfinger and Hyva who make telescopic cranes - will design their own.

      You can buy rotary actuators by themselves - however I would caution you from just bolting your crane to one of these rotary actuators - since the rotary actuator would have to take all the vertical load and moment from the crane - which it may not be capable of doing - unless it has been specifically designed to do this. (See link 1 below).

      Alternatively, you could use a slew drive - see link 2 and 3 below. However, always make sure that the slew drive you choose can take the fully factored dynamic load from your crane (vertical axial load and moment).

      Since there are a lot of manufacturers who make small cranes around the world (a lot come from the North of Italy) - cost will undoubtedly be a factor if you are to be competitive. So dare I say it - there may be some merit in sourcing parts from abroad.

      1) http://www.bradfordcylinders.co.uk/rotary-actuators

      2) http://www.nbcgroup.co.uk/slewingRings.aspx?PageID=134

      3) http://www.h-fang.com.cn/procateinfo.aspx?cateid=11&gclid=CNbj5JmJ174CFYXKtAodRAYAvw

      Hope this helps.

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