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  • Industrial Design Exhibition - call for entires!

    Discussion in 'Industrial design' started by Camid, Oct 11, 2011.

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      1. The designer should be based in Cambridgeshire but the client does not need to be
      2. Open to consultants and in-house teams
      3. You can nominate your own or others work
      4. There is no limit on you suggesting others work
      5. Products must be designed in Cambridge over the last 40 years
      6. We require a jpeg or photograph and a brief description of the product highlighting why you think it deserves to be included.
      Please provide us with as much information as possible; product success, benefits design brought to the product in terms of market, sales, cost savings
      7. Ideally you would also have a physical example of the product available to display at the exhibition
      8. We would like to showcase the design process as much as possible and may require sketches and models to illustrate the product if successfully chosen
      9. You must have permission from the copyright holder to reproduce the photograph in the exhibition catalogue
      10. Designs must be submitted by 11 November 2011

      Please email your sumbmissions to Jodie Pinkowski, Events & Marketing Assistant to [email protected]
      Dropbox Invite: we can except up to 2MB via email although if you wish to send something larger, please email Jodie and she will invite you to share to our Dropbox.

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