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    Discussion in 'Jobs wanted' started by Vitorio, Aug 17, 2012.

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      Aug 2012
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      I am Mechanical and Industriall Engineer. I have worked in Finland and Mexico. Resuming, during 2011-2012 I have been developing design and engineering jobs of drilling wells, and performing the job with the company man, for Iberoamericana de Hidrocarburos a company of Grupo Cobra, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. This project has given me the opportunity to acquire a vision of a new world of machinery and mechanization in the field of oil extraction, the pleasant experience in an exciting culture and managing people.
      I studied at the School of Industrial Engineers have the opportunity to have international experience and develop the final project at the Technical University of Lappeenranta (Finland). I gained knowledge and skills in several fields: design and mechanical engineering, industrial production and new renewable energies. This exposure to new cultures and languages ​​during 2010-2011, and the courses offered by the IHSA company, in USA, make me have a greater fluidity and ease in communication in English and disparate cultures, and an extensive technical vocabulary. The focus of my career has been to mechanical engineering and machinery. Last year I made the project based on the design and simulation of a robotic hand.
      I have shown imagination and creativity, especially in the design and development of new technologies. By my own I developed an improvement for public buses.
      I am a good communicator and great capacity to work good people from different fields, easily learn and I like working under pressure.

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