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    Discussion in 'Sheet metal' started by 2dand3d, Nov 1, 2010.

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      Aug 2010
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      So the problem I have is that since joining my current employer nearlly nine years ago, I have been financially tied on purchase of new machinery. The furthest I have got was buying a laser cutting machine (Amada), works like a pit pony (slow but doesnt stop). I am surrounded with three strippit turret punches and an Amada pega, The Strippits are rubbish. I am either going to go for an Amada Vipros 358 King or possibly a Laser / Punch Combination machine. In the coming weeks I shall be looking for a new (used) machine and I am considering a Copmbination machine. The one I am looking at is an Amada Appelio machine but I am worried they are a little too old and too many things to go wrong.

      Any Feedback or comments would by greatlly received

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