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    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by Hadia, Jan 19, 2016.

    1. Hadia

      Hadia Member

      Jan 2016
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      I have a 2D linkage that I need to make calculations for.
      The problem is I cant figure out the schematic for it for my calculations for angular velocity and torque transfer.

      Okay so[​IMG]
      I attached a picture. I hope it is visible.
      What I am l looking for is essentially a schematic for a linkage mechanism.

      My link 1 receives torque from external source. Link 2 is not receiving any active torque in normal conditions (because it is in a pin joint with the axis of the planetary gear. Not important here for what I am asking though)

      So link 1 goes in a pin joint with link 3.
      Link 2 also goes in a pin joint with link 3 but separately from link 1.
      The pin joints for both are different.

      Link 4 is in a pin joint with link 1 as well.

      Link 5 has pin joints with link 3 and link 4 at separate points.

      Link 5 has pin joints with link 6.

      Can anyone draw me a schematic for this from where I could perform calculations?
      Asap please
    3. Ivan N

      Ivan N New Member

      Mar 2016
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      Hi Hadia,

      It's been a while since I last did anything related to mechanisms but I'm willing to get into it again, and since there is no one throwing any suggestion I will try to help you with this.

      Seems a complicated mechanism and I cannot see clearly how the planetary gear system works within it, but let's go step by step. I would have assumed that Link 1 is fixed, though you mentioned that Link 1 receives torque from an external source. Is it attached to the ring gear (seems that you called it "inner gear")? We have lots of parts moving in relation to each other, but first of all we have to identify which one is fixed.

      Also I would need more details about the spring, what is it fixed to and what parts does it interact with, and how?

      I should think the planetary gear system rotates in a swing fashion, switching the direction of rotation cyclically, otherwise the link 2 would clash with the axle of the sun gear eventually and would jam the whole mechanism.

      Seems that you have a 3D model of this mechanism, maybe an animation...?

      If you can clarify these points to me I could progress...

    4. MechDesigner

      MechDesigner New Member

      Mar 2016
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      Can I just say, that the point at the end of the crank does not ever experience infinte jerk IF the crank rotates continuously. If the Crank makes one move - say start at 3 and ends at 9 o'clock, AND moves itself at constant velocity between those angles (as if it can), then the output will experience a step in acc, and infinte jerk. However, it is impossible to start a crank (with mass and inertia) with a step in velocity and stop it also to zero vel at 9 oclock. - without trying to self destruct itself or what ever is trying to move it. However if the motion of the crank moves between 3 and 9 oclock such that it itself has a 'smooth motion', say a Cycloidal Motion-Law, then again, there are no steps in Accleration or Jerk even. Even it rotates between 3 and 9 with a discontinuous law- say a sinusoid, with its own steps in acceleration - then the end of the crank does not experience a step in acc.

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