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  • Looking for MS Excel [VBA] Dev. and Solid Modeling Job

    Discussion in 'Jobs wanted' started by graphcomnsk, Dec 8, 2009.

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      Dec 2009
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      Current Business
      Optimize and Enhance Existing Applications
      - Make reports more readable and informative.
      - Redesign models so that they are easier to use, have less risk of breaking when modified, are easier to maintain and have a significantly lower probability of errors.
      - Implement structural changes to the model to alleviate processing bottlenecks
      (i.e. reducing redundant parts of the model, moving data to a database).

      Task Automation / Excel VBA Application Development
      - Speed up processing and reduce potential for errors by automating manual processing steps using Macros (VBA – Visual Basic for Applications).
      - Reduce your workload by taking the work out of repetitive or labor intensive tasks.
      - Improve control over model build cycles when models have interdependencies, by using automation and data management techniques.
      - Custom-made applications using Excel can be developed for a fraction of the cost of standalone bespoke applications.

      Data Manipulation and Extraction
      - Extract data directly from the controlled source through database and query development.
      - Move data out of an Excel spreadsheet table and into a database to improve control over the data.

      New Model Design and Development
      Build models for feasibility studies, business plans, valuations and other specific decision requirements.
      Redesign existing models which have outlived their useful life and are considered too fragile, unreliable, and error ridden.

      Spreadsheet Maintenance & Review / MS Excel Formula Service
      - Maintain existing models – fix problems and add enhancements as necessary
      - Financial models are reviewed for robustness, maintainability, errors, unnecessary complexity and size, and repetitive manual processing.
      - Formula creation, formula checking and formula rationalization can help to revamp old and out of control formulas.

      Spreadsheet Risk Management:
      - Assess your department’s models and highlight those with the highest risk of error.
      - Help mitigate the risk through spreadsheet risk management techniques and best practices. We strive to take a balanced approach to model and macro design, recognizing that others will likely be performing the maintenance. As such, we do not use complicated techniques unless warranted from a performance, clarity or redundancy avoidance perspective. We can develop applications in sales/marketing, financial, engineering, manufacturing, and management areas, including:
      - Sales Estimating and Quoting tools ,Database Integration and Reporting ,Sales/Marketing, Process Automation , Cash flow, Present Value, IRR and ROI, HR Employee Performance and Bonus Tools ,Retail SKU Purchasing Optimization, Budget Planning and Market Modeling, Complex Lease and Purchase Analysis ,Text Parsing, Conversion and Formatting, Sales Quoting, Sales Consolidation and Funnel reporting, Complex Cost/Benefit analysis , Pricing and Costing models, come from a broad range of industries, including Manufacturing, Retail, Real Estate, Financial Services, Energy, Engineering, Entertainment, Pharmaceutical, Food Services, Healthcare, and Charities.
      Mechanical Design Services:
      We have been engaged in solid model from 2D (drawing) compatible to CATIA, Solid Works, Idea, and UG. As a value addition we also provide design for plastic injection molding, metal injection molding (Pressure Die Casting), molds for gravity casting, welding fixtures design etc.

      We offer a wide range of development services to help augment your team’s capabilities. Not only can we help address any immediate resource issues, our models or model enhancements will be useful as examples, templates and guides for your existing staff. Task automation has the immediate benefit of reducing processing time for your staff (and if these tasks are repeated weekly or monthly, it can quickly add up) – in many cases, though, the driving factor is reduced opportunity for errors to creep in unnoticed.

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