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  • Looking for outsourced 3D projects (Europe region)

    Discussion in 'Jobs wanted' started by 3Dame Christina, Feb 20, 2013.

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      Feb 2013
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      I'm looking for companies from Europe who are needing outsourced 3d modeling services (offsite basis). We are first time ever looking for 3D projects from abroad and would like to find a long-term business partner to work for.

      We have a strong product development expertise, knowledge of steel structures, machinery and equipment. We have been doing 3D-modeling also related to the automotive industry.

      If you have small or large projects or you are requiring the following:

      • generating 3D CAD models from 2D drawings
      • generating 2D drawings from your 3D CAD models
      • prototype modeling from your scketch or idea
      • product development modeling
      • reverse engineering of existing parts
      • etc.

      We are a small family-owned company specialized in technical 3D modeling and engineering, therefore, we use customized computers and 3D software (SolidWorks Premium, SolidWorks Professional and Vertex G4) for engineering. In addition, we have also Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite Premium software package example for marketing material and reporting purposes.

      Many assignments are joined by new product development activities or the old machinery and equipment re-design and / or modernization of machinery.

      Besides 3D design tasks, we make a variety of design, sales and production of auxiliary and / or tasks, supporting the customer's needs: reporting and file handling, etc.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need technical 3D modelling services, with a long experience. Contact us via e-mail or private messaging.

      At the moment available would be two 3D-modellers:

      - I have experience in 3D-modeling for about 8-9 years. Basic education: barchelor's degree in textile and clothing technique.
      - Our senior 3D-modeller have experience in 3D-modeling for about 26 years. Basic education: Construction technician.

      Please, you are welcome to visit our website: www.edumo.fi

      Best regards,

      Kristiina V.

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