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  • Looking for qualified and skilled welders from Vietnam? VMST is your best choice

    Discussion in 'Manufacturing processes' started by vietnam manpower, Sep 4, 2015.

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      Are you in need of skilled welders, but your budget doesn’t allow you to pay more?

      Are you seeking out for unskilled welders who are willing to learn, diligent and responsible?

      Are you looking for welding workers with hard work, high work ethics?

      If so, they should be welding workers[/b] from VMST.

      Vietnam welders that Vietnam Manpower Service & Trading Company (VMST) offers will help fill your company’s skill shortage, ensure welds quality and productivity.

      Whether being skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled, our welding manpower [/b]prioritizes working for values. They see that the more values they create, the more successful they are.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us:

      Ms. Lana – General Director

      WhatsApp/ Viber/ Mobile No.: 84 9495 94116

      Office No.: ( 84) 473 033 699

      Skype: vnhumanresources

      Email: [email protected]

      Website: http://vnmanpower.com/

      Blog: http://vietnamwelder.blogspot.com/

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