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    Discussion in 'Calculations' started by Luis, Aug 1, 2016.

    1. Luis

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      Aug 2016
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      Machine Design

      Hi, i am looking for some help on calculations for this welded part. I know for part one you will need to solve for (area, centroid, moment of inertia, direct stress, shears stress, add direct and shear stress to get tour maximum stress).


      Part 1

      -Determine the following for the welded plate in figure 1

      1. The maximum shear stress

      2. the specific x-y location of the maximum shear stress.

      Part 2

      -Assume there is a 20% fluctuation in the applied plate load. Also assume that the plate weld and or rivet yield have a stress of 6200psi and an endurance limit matching the "as forged" condition 18,000 psi. Under these conditions determine the following.

      · The factor of safety for both plates under the soderberg criteria (where K=1.5 and shear stress= sigma stress/2

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