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    Discussion in 'Mechanical design JOBS' started by Recruiter, Mar 27, 2012.

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      Job Description

      Position: Mechanical Engineer

      Reports To: Creative Director/President

      Role: ImagiCorps is seeking a full-time mechanical engineer to join our team. The ideal candidate will be able to design, develop and test all aspects of mechanical components, equipment and machinery. Typical projects include kiosk design, display cases, security locks and exhibits. The applicant shall be able to apply knowledge of engineering principles to design such products. The candidate may be involved in fabrication, operation, application, installation, and/or repair of mechanical products.

      Responsibilities Include:

      · Analyze and detail Exhibit and Retail Display designs into accurate drawings depicting manufacture methodology. Create and publish the bill of materials for the same.
      · Prepare accurate drawings and/or files for manufactured parts and sub-assembles that facilitate accurate and effective communication to vendors and suppliers for the purpose of manufacture.
      · Assist the Design department in producing technical SolidWorks and AutoCAD illustrations for presentation to ImagiCorps’ clients, and ensure that design concepts are functionally based, accurate in their detail, and complete in their content.
      · Interface with Design, Engineering and Manufacturing to identify the best path toward completion of the various elements within the jobs and products.
      · Research and recommend the use of materials that are new and that integrate into existing projects, in order to keep an informed competitive performance edge. Apply the latest in technological advances to the products we create and sell.
      · Provide customer service to ImagiCorps’ clients by developing solutions to problems or challenges as they occur at any point in the project by completing detailed construction documents and reports.
      · Record daily all hours worked in a manner consistent with ImagiCorps’ time card policy.
      · Perform other duties as assigned.

      Minimum Requirements:

      · College degree or equivalent work experience required
      · Familiarity with mechanism design of hardware components use to construct such things as kiosks, display cases, security locks, etc.
      · Ability to determine and apply loads and analyze static structures.
      · Knowledge of materials with respect to strength, machinability, ability to weld, and typical use in commercial applications.
      · Experience in finding and utilizing the latest in materials use.
      · Ability to respond appropriately to constant change and perform and prioritize multiple tasks as dictated by the President in the service of ImagiCorps’ clients.
      · Computer knowledge of Windows 7, Word, Excel, SolidWorks and AutoCAD.
      · Excellent written and oral communication skills.
      · Excellent organizational skills.
      · Comfortable in a warehouse/manufacturing environment. Willing to get hands dirty if necessary.

      To apply for this Mechanical Engineer position, please email your resume, applicable work samples, hourly rate and availability to [email protected].
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      Where is this job based so we can move it to the correct section?

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