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  • Mechanical engineer with little to no design experience

    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by fix_it, Nov 12, 2013.

    1. Roy_Kliffen

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      Jun 2013
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      Being from the Netherlands I have a bit of trouble placing you anywhere on the planet ;-D
      Based on your cryptic description, I guess it is somewhere on the south-west edge of the US Midwest a.k.a. North Central region (long live the internet).
      I assume - without any base or reference - that the engineering employment market won't much differ from the practices as they are here in the Netherlands.
      Most engineering firms here prefer to use contracting/staffing agencies for the selection of suitable candidates, especially if they are starters.
      If an agency presents a candidate suitable for the position, a fee is agreed between the employer and the agency. The candidate will be paid by the agency. Usually the pay isn't that great, but you have the opportunity to build up your experience.
      Recruiters or head hunters are usually for more senior positions, but I won't exclude the mediation on the behalf of starters.
      They usually receive a fixed finders fee for a suitable candidate who will be directly employed by the (engineering) company.

      Especially the contracting/staffing agency will be able to polish your resume in a presentable format, and guide you with tips and tricks through the process of the job interview; some even will provide you with training programs.

      It is very easy to find such agencies through Google; within a minute I found several agencies catering to the engineering firms in the city I think you are living in :)
      Some agencies will directly offer you a contract (rare), others only after finding a suitable position with a "client".
      In the last case you might want to contact several agencies, but in that case make sure you will only be offered as a candidate for a position after you agree to it.
      If you keep track of the companies receiving your resume, you prevent having multiple copies of your resume landing on the desk of the same HR-manager, which might actually hurt your chances.
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    3. engineeringdesign

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      Nov 2013
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      i suggest to go with one CAD tool like solidworks and join a company even without a pay for a while to again knowledge. this will help you lot i guess

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