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  • modelling barrel cam in Pro E Wildfire 3

    Discussion in 'Creo or Pro/Engineer' started by zubair, May 10, 2012.

    1. zubair

      zubair Member

      Dec 2011
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      Hi Friends! hope everyone is fine.......
      I am facing a problem of modeling a barrel cam in Pro E. I have to model a cam slot on barrel or cylindrical cam. I have the data of displacement against angle theeta. This cam shall be modelled on 180 degrees on outer peripherry of barrel cam, which means i have data of displacement against different angular steps from 0 to 180 degrees. what i am doing wrong is that when i make a spline using value of theta and displacement as x and y coordinates on a plane tangent to cylindrical surface of barrel cam, it takes value of theta in millimeters and consider it as points of perimeter of circular surface and when i use "WRAP" command to wrap this spline around cylinder, the profile is generated on cylindrical surface for angle more than 180 degrees. Will anyone solve this problem for me?
    3. sri30

      sri30 New Member

      Jun 2012
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      [h=2]Re: modelling barrel cam in Pro E Wildfire 3[/h]
      [​IMG] Originally Posted by sri30

      Just a thought, will it be easy to use polar coordinate system instead of Cartesian to plot the spline; thats if you have already not done it?

      [​IMG] by zubair

      thanks for your suggestion.......it works for drawing spline of barrel cam's periphery, then i use variable sweep cut to sweep the profile through this spline. there is a problem that the starting and ending faces of that profile are not parallel to the center axis of cylinder. that is they are inclined.

      [​IMG] Reply by sri30

      Select or create the sketching plane of the cut (which is swept along the sketched along the spline) perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder; this should solve the problem. Good luck!


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