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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by bruiz, Jan 15, 2020.

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      Jan 2020
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      Hello, my name is Brandon Ruiz. I have been involved in some sort of engineering or physical since I started high school back in 2004. We were lucky at my high school to have a brand new program started as I was entering called "Project Lead The Way" or PLTW. We used Inventor, Revit, Multisim, and some other engineering software as well as learned how to design and draw correctly in engineering. These courses in high school I loved and left a mark on me as I went for Civil Engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA.

      Everything was intriguing to me when I started there for civil, but it didn't seem to be up my alley of what I really wanted to do. I've learned over the years following from taking miscellaneous science courses and getting a Physics BS degree that Mechanical Engineering was really where I needed to be. It has taken me awhile to see this, but the jobs and courses I have taken over the following years have made this vision of becoming a Mechanical Engineer clearer.

      Unfortunately I am unemployed right now and hoping to start at an entry level mechanical engineer job for a company. I have been very intrigued learning about FEA, CFD, and simulation analysis in general. I recently went to a Lockhead Martin Career Fair in Syracuse and the Mechanical Engineer there I talked to suggested using my experience of using CFD and knowledge of HVAC Systems in my resume as they are both highly desired in his industry of Mechanical Engineering at least.

      I live in Saratoga Springs, NY and would love to stay in NY to help the upstate community and use my work to help the local economy, but I am also willing to travel anywhere in the US if it is a good career opportunity. Money is not a big thing to me, as I believe with the right knowledge and experience money will find its way to you. I am much more looking at this site and future employers as mentors to help guide me in the right path down this road of Mechanical Engineering.

      I look forward to meeting professionals in the industry here and learning techniques to be successful in the Mechanical Engineering Industry. Thank you.

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