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  • Product Designer (Mechanical Engineering) - Downtown Nashville, TN

    Discussion in 'USA jobs' started by dave.seeman, Jul 3, 2016.

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      Product Designer (Mechanical Engineering) - Downtown Nashville, TN
      Arciplex, LLC

      As a Product Design Engineer (Mechanical), you will be responsible for mechanical design, development, and quality of products. You will contribute as a member of the overall Arciplex team. You will take responsibility for leading projects, communicating with clients, technical problem solving, and creatively meeting product objectives. You will demonstrate cross-functional resource interaction to accomplish your goals. You will play a role in defining processes and methods to improve the productivity of the entire team. You will identify and initiate investigations of production technologies, prototypes, and test solutions for product features, and design and validate production designs that deliver an exceptional user experience.

      You will demonstrate a strong working knowledge of mechanical systems in applications ranging from consumer products to industrial automation. Given this scale, the desire to learn from new challenges and the problem solving and communication skills to work within a highly interactive and experienced team.

      You must show a passion for hands-on work and be able to communicate your ideas and concepts verbally, visually, and through writing. You must demonstrate an ability to integrate feedback and to respond quickly to changing contexts and work environments. In this role, you will:

      • Work from vague descriptions of product functionality to establish well defined input requirements and output specifications.

      • Thoroughly document the design process from defining project scope to making design decisions to working through product calculations.

      • Identify constraints and risks on project objectives related to technical, cost, and schedule limitations.

      • Research components and technologies to scope development opportunities for current and future projects.

      • Communicate thoroughly and frequently with your other team members to consider how Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial Design, and customer requirements and feedback affect your designs.

      • Test products and concepts for validation and certification requirements.

      • Provide excellent documentation for your designs from initial research to calculations to finished specifications for manufacturing.

      • Support positive team interactions to accomplish program objectives.

      • Provide cross-functional program integration support to ensure team success.

      • Lead project teams to timely delivery of products.

      • Add style and design elements to product innovations.

      • Use a variety of Electrical and Mechanical software design platforms.

      • Assist in Rapid Prototyping.

        • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering

          • (Biomedical, Aerospace, Manufacturing and similar programs from ABET accredited institutions may be accepted)
        • Advanced Solidworks Experience
        • 3+ years of experience with prototyping and design for manufacturing

        • EI/EIT certification

        • Driven to create

        • Eager to learn and grow

        • Desire to be part of a team

        • Strong communicator

        • Highly Self Motivated

        • Enjoys making things

        • High Energy

        • Positive

        Please send resumes to [email protected] and include a cover letter and three references.

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