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  • questions on designing a core pulling mold and best way to mold a part.

    Discussion in 'Plastic moulding' started by tomcat955, Nov 1, 2022.

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      Nov 2022
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      Hello, I posted a few pictures of 3d printed models of what exactly I am trying to design a injection mold for. Its a 2 inch tall by 1 inch wide end cap with a 3/8 hole threw the side and also threw the bottom. This introduced me to some engineering challenges as it can not split apart in a regular mold. Came upon the conclusion I need some sort of 3 part core pulling mold. Looking for advice on how you would design such a mold and what would be the easiest and simplest mold to machine. I included a picture of a slide pulling mold I took some inspiration from. Does anyone know of a better design?

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