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  • Rolls-Royce is hiring a Stress Engineer in Bristol (UK)

    Discussion in 'UK jobs' started by Dovile, Aug 28, 2019.

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      Mechanical Technology (stress) engineers ensure the integrity of our products. They work across a wide variety of commodities from critical parts (e.g. Discs, Blisks, Shafts and High Pressure Casings) through blades and vanes to structures and installation components. They predict the mechanical behaviour of components and sub-systems taking into account various failure mechanisms (e.g. proof, ultimate, fatigue (low & high cycle), creep etc.) and contributing factors (e.g. vibration, thermal induced loads, inherent manufacturing anomalies, corrosion, extreme operating conditions such as over-speed etc.).

      The role of a Mechanical Technology Engineer includes being influential at all stages in the design cycle, through the products service life to component disposal.

      As a Mechanical Technology (stress) you may be working in the Core Capability Team, deployed to an In-Service Project or working on one of our Future Programmes. Whichever area you work in you will be assured of a support network of colleagues of the same capability to provide task leadership, consultation and technical review. As part of a move to a more multi skilled workforce there will be also opportunities to extend your skills into adjacent areas such as Structural Systems Design, vibration analysis, thermal analysis and Engine Health Management.

      Key Accountabilities

      • Ensure the integrity of our products in-service.
      • Work as part of a multi discipline teams to ensure new designs are fit for purpose (cost, weight, performance, manufacturability etc.).
      • Support the ongoing safety of In-Service Engines.
      • Develop, or contribute to the development of, new methods, processes, tools and guidance
      • Define plans for analysis tasks; working with key stakeholders to ensure all work meets customer expectations and is completed to an agreed quality standard.
      Qualifications and Experience
      • You will be educated to degree level in a STEM subject and/ or have experience in a relevant engineering environment (Mechanical, Aeronautical, Electrical or Controls). Other qualifications, in combination with relevant experience, may also be considered. A materials or mechanical analyst background and a strong interest in developing your career as a mechanical analyst
      • The ability to effectively communicate the method and results of complex analyses to peers, senior colleagues and external organisations such as customers or regulatory bodies
      • An understanding of material behaviour, crack propagation, contact, thermo-mechanical fatigue and statistics
      • Experience of, or a good appreciation of, finite element stressing techniques and complex testing (of assemblies, component and materials)
      • The ability to develop new methods and processes particularly related to mechanical analysis
      • An appreciation of the importance of product integrity is considered essential.
      Candidates should be highly numerate with strong technical and analytical skills, problem-solving ability and capable of systems level thinking, including personal drive, excellent communication and presentation skills, and will need to contribute effectively in a team environment. Candidates will be expected to take the lead in identifying project requirements, specifying and executing packages of work.

      Apply here: https://r.cndrne.com/campaign/url/forward/bc80b792f2b6

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