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  • Rolls-Royce is looking for a Design Engineer - Core Design Manufacture.

    Discussion in 'Mechanical design JOBS' started by Kamile, Jul 4, 2014.

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      As a Mechanical Design Engineer within Rolls-Royce you will be in an environment in which excellence is always paramount. Working in a constantly changing field, with continually evolving ideas, new materials and cutting edge technologies, you'll help us find solutions. This could mean anything from reacting to problems that occur in service to improving the design of a product to make it easier to manufacture or assemble. In the process, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of how the products work and open up a wide range of opportunities for yourself at Rolls-Royce.

      Job description:​

      As a Mechanical Design Engineer within the Core Design and Manufacture department, you will mainly be responsible for design integration, producing safety case documentation and releasing products for manufacture. Your duties will include:

      • Integrate design through Integrated Product and Production Readiness (IPPR) working on the New Generation (NG) projects.
      • Support the manufacturing of components, the resolution of manufacturing queries and defining, planning and reporting development.
      • Appreciate and balance divergent demands from different technical teams.
      • Interact with the technical teams, supply them with accurate design information, and amend designs in response to the results of their analyses.
      • Produce safety case documentation for in-service components, create arguments and marshal evidence for continued safe operation of safety-critical systems.
      • Respond to the Rolls-Royce Defect Analysis Report (RRADAR) and approve Definition Alteration Requests.
      • Release products for manufacture and assess concession applications.
      • Support customers around the rapid evaluation of problems and defects, and give specialist advice to prepare and present solutions.

      Click on the link for more information: http://service.joberate.com/redirect/url/f15d-cc-9d-36-524007


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