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  • Rolls-Royce wish to recruit a Mechanical Design Engineer in Raynesway, UK.

    Discussion in 'Mechanical design JOBS' started by Kamile, Jul 2, 2014.

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      Currently Rolls-Royce wish to recruit a Mechanical Design Engineer to join our team in Raynesway. In this role, you'll be responsible for the design, licensing and management of radioactive material transport packages for use in support of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Programme (NNPP).

      This role includes containers for the transportation of new and used fuel, new and used neutron sources, test sources, irradiated core components, and any other radioactive material which needs to be transported within the public domain (i.e. outside of and between licensed sites). Containers used for these purposes must be approved by the national Competent Authority (CA) against UK legislation. The CA for all radioactive material transport in support of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Programme within UK is the Secretary of State for Defence, who discharges his duties to the Defence Nuclear Safety Regulator (DNSR).

      Support and Development OBU (Operation Business Unit) is primarily responsible for the design, development and implementation of bespoke in-service support equipment for the naval Nuclear Steam Raising Plant (NSRP) powering the UK's nuclear submarine flotilla. The forward business plan of the OBU includes significant growth into the civil nuclear market, but also justification of the PWR3 design, and support to fuel shipment activities at Vulcan.

      Our submarines business is growing on a global scale. We support the Royal Navy as the technical authority to the UK Ministry of Defence for naval reactor plants and we're continuing to build our nuclear sector capability. For you, this means unique opportunities to work across our portfolio of products and services. Our global, multi-million pound learning and development initiatives empower each individual to build a world-class reputation.

      Key Responsibilities:

      • Support the Team Leader and Design and Safety Manager as required.
      • Design and substantiate radioactive material transport packages to fulfil specific customer requirements to time cost and quality constraints.
      • Lead on requirements capture and obtain buy-in from all stakeholders.
      • Present design solutions to stakeholders in gated design reviews, demonstrating that all key requirements have been satisfactorily addressed.
      • Produce transport safety justification documentation for transport packages, demonstrating compliance with UK legislation, for submission to DNSR.
      • Liaise with DNSR to obtain approval of transport package safety justifications.
      • Manage container usage programmes to meet customer requirements in support of the boat programme.
      • Provide support to Transport Liaison Officer audits regarding the manner of use of transport packages, and confirm compliance with relevant legislation.

      Apply here: http://service.joberate.com/redirect/url/902e-06-0f-9e-5a974c

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