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    Discussion in 'Manufacturers of mechanical parts' started by willy_DA, Aug 19, 2019.

    1. willy_DA

      willy_DA New Member

      Aug 2019
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      Hallo, we are in search for steel fittings (street elbow type SLB/ 90° Socket welding elbow), with holes in metric measurements (inner hole dia 30mm , ih dia 25mm and ih dia 16mm). They seem to be general use in inches.
      Can you tell us whether these exist for the European market (mm)? Does anyone know a company that makes these components, or give us distributor names.
      Many thanks;
      Ps: Pictures (fittings welded with different tubes)
      upload_2019-8-19_11-51-2.png upload_2019-8-19_11-52-0.png

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