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  • startup car company looking for ergonomics designer

    Discussion in 'USA jobs' started by pakkayu, Mar 28, 2013.

    1. pakkayu

      pakkayu New Member

      Feb 2013
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      WaveGo is a car company based in Kent, Washington, 30 minutes south of Seattle. We are in early startup phase so cash flow is limited but this could be very promising.

      We are looking for an ergonomics designer to handle the interior design, think very small space so its very critical that everything is placed correctly and still looks great.

      If youre interested please call Harold Wood, 425-635-8890.

      Harold Wood
    3. Rojack

      Rojack New Member

      Feb 2014
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      ergonomics designer

      My name is Ronald Jackson. I am an accomplished 25 year
      Electro Mechanical Engineering Expert, in many different disciplines.
      I am enquiring about your engineering position you are hiring for,
      and would like to present to you an alternative. Would you consider
      a Virtual Engineering Assistant as opposed to a full time/ part time employee?
      There are many positives business benefits associated with buying
      Virtual Engineering help under a 1099 / W9 non employee agreement.
      And with all of our modern technologies, onsite requirement time is much less than
      what you might think.

      Thank You for your consideration
      Ronald Jackson


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