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  • Tips for reducing injection mould part cost/mould cost

    Discussion in 'Plastic moulding' started by oemodm, Sep 19, 2016.

    1. oemodm

      oemodm Active Member

      May 2014
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      Hi everyone,

      Looking for tips on the reduction of injection mould tooling cost, and part cost. I've listed my current methods below, however my main curiosity is:

      If I've 4 small parts, for example, is it cheaper to join in CAD into one part, and mould as one part? (please ignore post production automatic cutting process costs).

      Current methods of reducing injection mould and part cost:

      - Focus on symmetrical part design (moulding 1 part in double quantities)
      - Harmonize part depths, to match, on 1 mould tool blank
      - Multi functional parts
      - Use mould keys, for selective injection of parts, saving on multiple mould tools

      Also interested in lists/resources to other cost reduction methods, for part and mould cost

      thanks / simon
    3. Ravi Rs.M

      Ravi Rs.M New Member

      May 2017
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      While considering cost & material details, reducing the no. of mold will achieve the low cost in overall production. For example; while your design contains two different parts with same material & weight, try to allocate them in a single family mold. so that you may reduce the no. of mold on whole design.

      Re-consider/re-check your product design, regarding appearance level; to modify gates & side core concepts to minimum level & simple concepts.

      Re-consider/re-check your production requirement to finalize no. of cavities in all molds.

      Try to get mold bolster as standard one.


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