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  • Torispherical Shell Manhole

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by SimpleJack, Mar 12, 2016.

    1. SimpleJack

      SimpleJack New Member

      Mar 2016
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      I have been out of engineering for two decades, but thinking of going back in.

      So I want to ask a question concerning somethings I did in the past.

      A simple question.

      I used to design vessels for low pressure. Under 5psi or less.

      We used to put torispherical heads. Often on tanks, where the heads were at the bottom and top of a vertical vessel.

      When we put manholes on the tanks I did not want the manhole cutting into or near the knuckle radius, thus weakening it. I know it is more complex than that. The manhole can add stiffness, but I wanted the knuckle radius to be unbroken. But the equations are nasty.

      So I would put the manhole in the center. of the head. (These heads were under 6 feet as a rule).

      A questions:

      1) Is it wrong to put a manhole in the top center of a torisperical head?
    3. CPPMable

      CPPMable Well-Known Member

      Nov 2012
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      It has been awhile since I have worked with pressure vessels. I don't think it is wrong but can definitely be more complex but at low pressures easier. I don't think the ASTM pressure vessel codes cover this so you would have to do all the calculations/FEA to verify. Depending on the use and location some codes may require you to adhere to ASTM BPV codes. I have seen the manholes placed in the top center on a torisperical head many times but can't say I have ever designed a solution that required this and dove into the logistics of doing it this way.

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