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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by The Model Citizen, Nov 4, 2011.

    1. The Model Citizen

      The Model Citizen New Member

      Oct 2011
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      Hi everyone. Nice to be on the boards.

      I'm Richard. I've moved to the UK from Oz, with the family, about a year ago. Been working as a design engineer for about 15 years after a major change in career (used to be an air traffic controller until I saw the light) and have been working predominately in motorcycle design.

      Have been contracting in a couple of industries since the big move but have just landed a permanent job as a designer with a bike company here in the UK.

      The forum looks very interesting and I'm looking forward to reading everything that's on here and hope I can contribute accordingly. Nice to see such an international collection of experience as well.

    3. triggerh4ppy

      triggerh4ppy New Member

      Dec 2011
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      Hi, I too have just started a position in the UK with a motorcycle company as a design engineer. I start in January and will be working as a chassis design engineer. If its the same motorcycle company I would like to ask you some questions before I start there. If thats ok I will Private message you??


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