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  • what do you think of this new technology / renewable energy?

    Discussion in 'Suggest a forum topic' started by Hydro, Oct 2, 2022.


    what do you think of this new technology / renewable energy?

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    1. Hydro

      Hydro New Member

      Oct 2022
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      Hello engineers

      Hi everyone i'm new on this forum, since I have always been passionate about mechanics and renewable energy
      but I am not an expert I wanted to know your opinion on this new technology, which I found on the internet.
      It seems to be a new technology, a new type of renewable energy that uses water as a primary source, very similar to hydroelectricity.

      do you think it can work or instead it's just a rip off ?

      From what I understood the system is based on a large vertical structure that exploits the difference in height between 2 water tanks. The water is then conveyed to a hydroelectric turbine to produce energy by exploiting the jump between the 2 reservoirs. Once the cycle is complete, the electric cylinders push the water under pressure into a very small duct. The very high pressures that are created due to the small volume of the duct, cause the water to rise up to the high tank to be able to start the cycle again.

      it sounds interesting but I'm not sure yet if it can work

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    3. s.weinberg

      s.weinberg Well-Known Member EngineeringClicks Expert

      Nov 2012
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      What you are describing is a very crude perpetual motion machine that defies the most basic laws of physics.

      It's a scam

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