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  • What Does Your Company Look for Most in an Entry Level Engineer?

    Discussion in 'General jobs discussion' started by mhjones12, May 8, 2012.


    What Does Your Company Look for Most in an Entry Level Engineer?

    1. High GPA

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    2. Experience (Internships, Extracurricular Engineering Activities, etc.)

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    3. Something Else

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    1. Susan at Rentapen

      Susan at Rentapen Member

      Aug 2011
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      Erich, If Rentapen is hiring a designer who will be designing weld fixtures for our customers, we want to know if they can concept a design, understand materials and tolerances, understand fixturing concepts. So we have testing set up for that. We also have them check a job where we know where the mistakes are. This helps us to see how much they know vs how much they SAY they know. Some of this information is teachable. Attitude, ability to communicate and listen is most important.

      Hiring an intern is not as big a test. An intern will start out as a CAD drafter and learn as they move forward. The ability to learn, follow instructions, have a good attitude to learn and change and grow. We like it better if they can demonstrate some CAD drafting ability/skill.
    3. mhjones12

      mhjones12 Well-Known Member

      Feb 2012
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    4. PierArg

      PierArg Well-Known Member

      Mar 2013
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      Hi to all,
      i voted for "something else" :)

      For my personal point of view:
      - will power;
      - communications skills;
      - english language knowledge
      - how many years have you spent to take your degree: companies, especially multinationals, see in a positive way this factor.
      This means that you are a new graduated who has passed all his exams within the prescribed period of time!
      Furthermore it means that you are a brilliant high potential person able to learn different matters in less time.

      Obviously the final high GPA helps you to have an excellent profile!
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