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  • what will work? coiling help needed

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by roltancc, Sep 28, 2012.

    1. roltancc

      roltancc New Member

      Sep 2012
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      Hi, I'm new to this forum .

      I have design a simple coiling table unit to do some coiling work. this is done using 2 motors which run in anti clockwise direction. two strings are then tighten to the motor so it turns in the same direction.

      The problem I'm facing is when the i introduce the coiling string the line begin to twist and not coil around it.

      I'm wondering if there is and additional mechanism I should add to make it work?

      Any suggestion is appreciated.


      please note: I'm not mechanically trained..just a layman trying to get something working.
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    3. Tom M

      Tom M New Member

      Sep 2012
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      It appears that you are making short legths and feeding by hand. This might work for you.
      Use one motor.
      Make a small plate with as many holes as strands. Holes have to be smooth with no sharp edges and slightly larger than your strands.

      1. pass each trand through its own hole and fasten to spindle.
      2. move plate as close as possible to spindle
      3. Start motor. a momentary foot switch is probably safest and easiest to use.
      4. pull plate away from spindle. Speed of plate will determine how tight the wind will be

      The length of your pull will be limited by space available

      Hope this helps

      Tom M
    4. The_Inventor

      The_Inventor Member

      Apr 2012
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      Looks like you are trying braid your wires together. If you are winding one wire to form a coil around a bundle of wires, or cable, then form the cable first. Then have the cable suspended between the motor and the other end mounted in an appropriate supported roller bearing, to hold the cable in place, yet spins freely. Then you need a second setup to hold tension on the wire forming the coil, that will move linearly along the length of the cable, without putting to much strain in a perpendicular direction to the cable.

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