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  • Wireframe vs. No Hidden -- Priting problem

    Discussion in 'Creo or Pro/Engineer' started by Diegis, Mar 20, 2017.

    1. Diegis

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      Mar 2017
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      When printing an assembly in Creo 3.0 (be it to PDF or to PostScript) the printout is coming out in Wire Frame, with all hidden lines displayed. I want to print with No Hidden, which is the way I have the assembly displayed before starting the Print command. Is there a setting I am missing?
      The print-out comes out actually half-right (No Hidden) and half-wrong (Wireframe). The assembly looks correct on the CREO 3.0 screen (No_Hidden_001.jpg). In the printout, the pulleys and the counter weights are displayed wrong (in Wireframe) -- but the shaft, the stop brackets and the cables are printed in No Hidden.
      I have tried everything I could think of, this is really getting to me...
      This is the correct image:
      This is the print-out image:
    3. Hi Diegis,

      Have you checked if there are separate options in printer dialogue box where you can select the geometry type i.e. solid, wireframe, hidden, etc. This can also be the case in PDF printer dialogue box if the pdf file is interactive or 3D PDF format.

      I haven't come across such a problem before but I am assuming this would be the case.

      Also, check out print preview. If print preview is different than print out, this could be related to your printer.

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